Metropolitan commuters across the United States Of America

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This website is a grass roots effort for the commuter that commutes by public transportation for all or part of their commute on a daily basis.  We hope to provide over time a comprehensive site where people come and discuss topics of interest to them in their local jurisdiction on the topic of public transportation and to help them get involved in their local issues.

If you are a commuter in a local area, please register and get involved, we are looking for volunteers to help on the boards, especially we need moderators in each local area.  We are still in the process of developing this website so you can definitely help build up this effort from the ground up.  It's a volunteer effort amd labor of love.  All expenses have been at the cost of the website owner so far.  If you feel you would like to donate something to help defray the costs, you may but you are not expected to.  If the costs get too expensive, then I'll come up with banner ads or something to try to defray the costs.

Please bookmark us.  The boards are now active and ready for use.

You are welcome and invited to stay.


Metropolitan commuters across the United States Of America
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